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Broken Goblet Brewing didn’t start as a paradigm-shifting microbrewery. It didn’t even start as Broken Goblet. It started as Brewtal Beer….. The Brewtal Beer Club, in fact. Co-owners Mike Lock and Jay Grosse, while lamenting their jobs and drinking some quality beer, concocted a plan to do something that they enjoyed and maybe even make a living of it. They formulated the brand, invented a very handsome mascot, and approached it from a very different angle – form a club that could grow into a fertile testing ground for ideas, marketing plans and beer testers. With the help of 12 other “founders”, the club was formed and grew from 13-30 in just 6 months, with special events pushing 100+ guests. Out of the group, two brewers stepped forward, similar in vision and equally ready to try something new. And so, Mike and Jay, together with the new brew guys Bub Grosse and Bitter Joe Fazekas, began the very expensive process to bring Brewtal beer from a club to a full-fledged brewery...

...then came the lawyers.


"You can’t use Brewtal, or a west-coast brewery will sue you." 

Not fairly, of course – Brewtal owns the trademark – but when a lawyer OWNS the other brewery….well you get the point. But thanks for that $20,000. And the landlord – well, he didn’t know if he would like the smell of bread, so you better start looking for a new space. And that $2000 in merch and signage you invested in? Oops. Cue the anger. Cue the yelling and cursing. Cue the smashing of a goblet on the ground in frustration – and Broken Goblet was conceived.


We won’t be re-inventing beer, no. That’s arrogance, and the amount of fantastic craft beer and brewers coming from the local area is astounding. Instead, we look to reinvent HOW you come to find out about that beer, and how you experience it for the first time. Broken Goblet Brewing- breaking your perspective on what a microbrewery can be.

Broken Goblet Brewhouse Facility

Brewhouse Specs

Manufacturer - Deutsche Beverage, North Carolina

Style - 4 vessel steam 10bbl

Cellar Capacity - 190bbls

Canner - Wild Goose Gosling

Broken Goblet Brewing Bensalem, PA
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